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Boxing up new soaps!

Black Soldier Fly Composter

Hi you guys! So, I wanted to come up with a way to turn my food scraps into a live feed to give to my chickens and in my searching I found out about Black Soldier Flies (BSF)! I found a page (link below) that lays out how to build a composter that will house your BSF's and at the same time they will break down LOTS of waste, all the while turning that waste into nice and fat, tasty larvae for your chickens! It took me like a week to make this composter because I did not have a lot of time but here it is! These BSF's will really compost your trash fast once the flies lay eggs and all the larva start really living in it. Check out all the videos I have done on this and let me know what you all think please.

Building a Mealworm Farm

As many of you know I am starting to breed mealworms to give my chickens a nice and healthy little treat. Well, as a little time has gone by I am also breeding them to feed to tropical fish that I have in my fish tank. If you would like to check out my fish tank and ideas I have for it, please join my other page called The Fish Tank! 

I know some of you are also looking to subsidize the cost of feeding your chickens in the winter and this is perfect! Your chickens will go nuts for them:) 

Not only that, but thus far they are really easy to breed! 

I've seen lots of different ways to breed mealworms but I think the way I did it in this video is going to work the best for me. It's all about low maintenance for me because I already have lots going on in my life and I cannot give these bugs 24 hours of my attention! LoL! 

To get started you're going to need some very simple things that you may already have or you can buy from just about any store to get this mealworm farm started.

Safe nonGMO seed companies!

Okay you guys, I found all these online and I wanted to put them up on our blog for us all to buy our organic nonGMO seeds so we can take money away from Monsanto and grow some great SAFE foods for households:) If you guys see anything I can add or change in this list please let me know by posting below or let me know on facebook!

The companies listed below have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. We encourage you
to support them in their efforts to preserve the integrity of our seed supply.

Monsanto seed companies to avoid!

I know lots of us at Home Farm Ideas are always trying to make sure that we do not buy seeds from Monsanto. Don't buy from these seed companies you guys, every time you do you are casting a vote to keep them in "power". As of 2005 Monsanto took over Seminis so they are one now! Monsanto is looking to take over most (if not all) seeds and as of now they are trying hard to control peas, beans, spinach, cucumbers, cabbage, squash, melons, broccoli. They already have a strong hold on tomatoes (75%) and peppers (85%). They make most of there cash from tomatoes and peppers so I say we make sure to buy only organic nonGMO:) Check with other members to see if you can buy or trade seeds with them!

Homemade Pickles

So you planted 2,4,8 rows of cucumbers and now the pantry is overflowing. Everyone you know has them so you can't give them away. Chickens are full besides they like the cabbage better. It's time for pickles. I love a basic recipe, then I play with it to make it what I like, so play with this. I don't know why you can't use this for canning just make sure your jars are packed full. HAVE FUN...
Pickles can be made with any vinegar and any spices. You can ether can them or make them for dinner tonight. You can add a pepper or pickle peppers themselves. It is all your choice but here is a basic recipe for you to follow. You can exchange any ingredients, I'm not a dill fan so I omitted it. You can use pickling spice instead. Your cucumber does not have to be lemons it can be any cucumber.